Digital marketing consulting & mentoring for sustainable brands

  • Lower your marketing’s CO2 emissions with climate-friendly tools & channels
  • Foster equity and inclusion through accessible, fair marketing
  • Fall (back) in love with promoting your brand with an experienced marketing pro by your side

Kind words from clients

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When you’re a sustainable brand, digital marketing can feel like a necessary evil. You’re on a mission but blocked by marketing as usual: campaigns and posts spreading false information, coercing people to buy, or fanning the flames of extremism.

If those methods make your stomach turn, I’m with you.

What’s more: if the internet were a country, it would be the 4th largest polluter (according to the Sustainable Web Manifesto). Every video, post, and podcast we publish online contributes to heating our planet. And even though most of humanity is excluded from the blessings of digital technology, they’ll have to bear the brunt of the climate crisis.

So, lets change the way we do marketing.

The good news: there’s another way to do marketing, fitting your way to do business. And along this pioneer trail, you’ll meet the most awesome of clients and business partners. Your brand is all about helping people and the planet thrive. Your marketing should reflect, herald, and support your goals. I guide your steps into sustainable marketing. Based on your company mission, I set up a game plan, a clear strategy, and measurable milestones. Together with my team of partner specialists, I’ll make sure you resonate with people who appreciate your values: your happy customers in the making.

I help you create digital marketing that respects the planet and levels the playing field.

Your online presence can be the change you want to see in the world. We’ll develop a digital marketing strategy that strengthens your brand and brings out the best in you.

Sustainable Marketing consulting & mentoring

As an experienced marketing strategist and corporate consultant, I’m your reliable companion on the path to digital sustainability. From inception to concepts, from first ideas to final tweaks: I’ll streamline the entire process for you. You’ll discover how joyful and uncomplicated marketing can be.

Sustainable Digitalization resources

Sustainable digital marketing resources Find out how our values align, test-drive my tool tips – or DIY your sustainable digital marketing until you’re ready to invest in expert support. Check out my favorite reads, podcasts, and communities for a future-friendly digital transformation.

Meet the new folks network*

*The ‘old boy network’ consists of privileged men who are members of the same organizations and institutions. They usually graduated from the same private schools and universities – and have used insider dealings to push each other for seats at the high tables. Think of my network as the opposite approach!

Rewild your dreams of what digital marketing can do for you

Because if we dream small, how will we reach for the stars in your customers’ eyes? 🤩
But first, have we met? I think it’s time for introductions – let’s make digital marketing more human.

Hi, I’m Victoria. 👋

The happy result of a German-Philippine love story, I got to experience inequality firsthand:

  • As a child growing up in Manila (why do other kids have to beg?)
  • In my own family (the bougie setting in Germany vs. indigenous life in the remote Northern Philippine highlands)
  • At school, where social background had such an inordinate effect on young people’s access to education and jobs.


I may have spent 10+ years in conventional marketing, but I never lost sight of those experiences.

So, in 2021 I began to change course. Now I support brands as they transform their digital marketing to be more sustainable and fair. Brands that care about protecting the climate and fostering equal opportunities deserve tailored strategies and tactics to reach their people and reach their goals.

Now you’re talking

Sound good so far? Then let’s continue the conversation.

Send me an email or direct message on LinkedIn, Reflecta or Mastodon.
Networking questions, partnerships or the start of a beautiful digital marketing project. I can´t wait to hear from you.