Online marketing for sustainable brands

Online marketing is your number one way to build brand awareness and help your future customers find you. Now you’re looking for support in setting up a game plan, a clear strategy, and measurable milestones.

Because brands that do good deserve to do well. To make that happen, I’m here to make your digital presence even better.

Become a sustainable online marketing pioneer – and future-proof your business

An eco-friendly and socially just approach to digital marketing may still seem unconventional. While it’s the road less taken, it’s so much more than just the morally responsible choice.

As energy prices rise, conscious consumers find their voice and legal requirements call for greener practices, this kind of marketing is here to stay. Medium to long term, it’s more affordable, safer, less volatile to change – and draws less energy from you and our planet.

One thing is for sure: You’re here to lead by example. And you get excited at the thought that digital sustainability is 100% doable.

Reliable & straightforward support – so you can do more of what brings you joy

With me as your external guide, you’ll never walk alone. I’m by your side to build blueprints and magnify milestones, I’ll support you as you transform your tool stack and processes in order to deliver on your Sustainable Development Goals.

Whether remotely or at in-person workshops:

Lean on me for comprehensive advice so you can lead the change – online and throughout your industry. (I’m available for rants on FOMO tactics, too!)

Let’s make your company a lighthouse for green online marketing

Start your all-inclusive sustainable digital marketing in just three steps:

Step 1: 

Build the foundations

We’ll develop your sustainable marketing strategy, including:

  • Sustainable website
  • Communication & campaign plan
  • Marketing reporting & analytics tools

Step 2: 

Show your stripes

We’ll communicate your values – and build trust with your ideal customers, partners, and investors in the process:
  • Corporate Digital Responsibility strategy & reporting
  • Social impact strategy & reporting
  • Communication & campaigns that help you do good and talk about it

Step 3: 

Shine your light

Finally, we’ll make sure you rise up from the sea of sameness. Other businesses will look to you as an example to follow. Together, we can transform digital marketing for good.
  • Resolve dependencies on power monopolies (Meta, Apple, Google, etc.)
  • Implement & continuously improve your integrated sustainable digital marketing strategy

Kind words from clients

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Teamwork makes the dream work!

One-size-fits-all solutions are so yesteryear. I take pride and a lot of office joy in delivering custom game plans that meet you where you are – and propel you where you want to go.

First, we hash out your status quo, then we co-create the steps and milestones between today and tomorrow.

While you start rolling out processes, I’m right by your side for team workshops and strategy meetings.

And to ensure you get the best results, I bring in my team of experts as required. Avengers. Defenders of the Earth. Sustainability Creatives gone nerd collective. We go by many names, but our common goal is to work as your external guidance system for holistic sustainable marketing.

Work with a certified Fair Trade partner

We can often achieve a lot with little effort and simple means. That’s why I cooperate with “Digital Lions” – the world’s first certified Fair Trade digital agency. Their creative team
 is based in Kenya and creates carbon-neutral websites, logos, flyers, and everything else you need for effective marketing. I’ll gladly commission them for your project – and give you added opportunity to stand up for global social justice.

Logo Digital Lions Design & Code, Fairtrade Outsourcing

All the details upfront make for clear sailing

Working together at eye level means a lot to me. That’s why I take a transparent approach to sales. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to get to know me and my way of working before entering a binding agreement.

Here’s how it works:
– We meet for a no-strings-attached introductory meeting to find out if we’re a match.
– Based on our conversation, you’ll receive an initial estimate of effort and costs.
– If you’re happy to go ahead, we meet for a kick-off workshop. This is our time to discuss which areas of work are particularly important and where to start.
– After the kick-off meeting, you’ll get my concrete, finalized quote for working together.

Ready to shine your light?

Then let's continue the conversation.

Send me an email or direct message on LinkedIn, Reflecta or Mastodon.
Networking questions, partnerships or the start of a beautiful digital marketing project. I can´t wait to hear from you.

Questions other sustainable brands like to ask before getting in touch

My hourly fee ranges from €100 to €200 (excluding VAT). The overall price depends on the details of the work as well as your budget. I’m shooting for fairness and sustainability in all things!

In addition, I offer packages for workshops or weekly mentoring.

My hourly rate is based on the following calculation:

  • Number of working days per year (taking into account vacations and sick days), minus the number of non-billable working days and pro bono projects = number of billable working days
  • I then juxtapose the number of billable working days with my costs: Business expenses + B1G1 project donation (2% of all my proceeds) + monthly net living wage
  • To ensure the future of my business and save for retirement, I also account for a profit margin.
  • This calculation leads to a price of €200 euros per hour to allow for growth and a reduced, cost-covering price of €100. It’s available on request, exclusively for NGOs, degrowth companies, and social entrepreneurs.

Have a different question?

Send me an email or direct message on LinkedIn, Reflecta or Mastodon.
I can’t wait to hear from you.